You Can't Always Get What You Want   (2021)
A story of a story that happens inside the screens. A reality trapped inside the screen of all devices hitting the boundaries creating the ultimate question: Whose screen device are we trapped in? Whose entertainment is our personal drama? Based on a true story... Yours.
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
Crime, Drama, Human & Social, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Roberto Medina, Eduardo Victoria, Andres Torrano, Mara Andress, Diego Cooper, Alice Cruickshank
Arroyuelo Woolrich
Ed Woolrich
Mate Zuniga, Eduardo Arroyuelo, Alex Diazayas
Project Status:
Origin Country(s)/Region(s)
Mexico, United States
Theatrical Release:
Media Formats:
HD, 4K, 2D
With the Roman coliseum as the backdrop, our hero Nico Rothko (mid 20’s) appears. In the most romantic approach Nico Rothko kneels in front of his girlfriend with a diamond wedding ring. After Nico's wedding proposal is rejected, a video of the event is uploaded to youtube where millions of people can witness his humiliation. Months later... Back in his home city “Megalopolis”, A “Tinder” swiping Nico uses the app to meet beautiful Ana (Mid 20’s) and her mysterious boyfriend Noa (Mid 20’s). Noa and Ana have been together in a stable relationship for four years. Both desire to experience a polyamory relationship. After a while the couple moves in with Nico into his visual artist's loft while in a polyamory trio. Noa gives Nico a gift box with a caveat: it is not to be opened until months later. Meanwhile, Nico posts their daily lives on several social media outlets. Throughout the film we discover that Nico is a sublime digital artist obsessed with textures and technology. We see him gamble all of his, and his family’s, money in the Bitcoin rise. After months of seeing the money multiply, he looses it all when the bitcoin bubble crashes. He glitches. Nico has a rough time getting a steady job to regain the money. Noa teases him regarding a couple of job opportunities in companies where Noa doesn’t actually think Nico is a good candidate for. To strike back, Nico applies on-line and gets an interview slot at the same time his family will be evicted from their apartment. Nico’s alcoholic mother, Santa (late 40s), is certain that before landing a job, Nico needs to solve a few behavior issues. She in turn decides to contact Jimmy (55) who is the family's psychiatrist. Several years in the past, Dr. Jimmy treated Nico’s Uncle Rudy (47) and biological father Bruno (52). Bruno is a former rockstar/drug-addict/alcoholic turned life coach who never recognized any of his children as his own. Santa begs Dr. Jimmy for help but he refuses given that at the moment he is exclusively taking care of his daughter. However, after Dr. Jimmy finds out Nico has diabetes and a pile of severe problems including a strong technology addiction (caused by a childhood trauma), he decides to help Nico in an indirect way. Outside therapy boundaries, Dr. Jimmy realizes Nico has no recollection of events before age 7. Dr. Jimmy takes away Nico’s smartphone during their first therapy sessions. He then tells Nico that there are three things he must do to correct his path including his fear of rejection and his addictions. Nico's third problem however, unknown at this point to the audience and Nico himself, must be his priority; solving this particular issue would resolve everything. Dr. Jimmy gets in touch with his old patient Bruno and tells him he has a child (Nico). Bruno denies it. Nico has a hard time without his smartphone and pisses off Noa and Ana. They both have been working on finding who Nico’s biological father is. In a desperate action they take Nico to a red carpet to show him who his father is. Nico approaches Bruno and Bruno refuses to accept that he is Nico’s father. Nico breaks into Dr. Jimmy’s office and steals back his cell phone and with it a child's map he finds hidden in an origami star. When Nico returns home Ana and Noa confront him and Noa leaves extremely annoyed. Bruno reflects on his life and becomes interested in Nico and the possibility of parenthood. Nico leaves the city and heads towards the woods to find out what's hidden in the map he found at Jimmy's office. Before he leaves the city, unconditional Ana jumps in on his road trip. On the way, they meet free spirited Zoe. Zoe is a twenty something year old woman that grows hemp and has never been with a man. They arrive to a cabin in the woods. Zoe notices that Nico is as cursed as if he was a glitch on an operating system. Everything he touches goes wrong and doesn't work anymore. Bruno surprises Santa with a visit to make sure Nico is his son. Through social media they follow Nico’s adventure. While following their son’s current life status, Santa and Bruno begin to recap Nico’s childhood through photographs and old memories. In the cabin Ana, Zoe and Nico have sex and fun while following the last steps on the map. What Nico finds at the end of the quest is an old video camera with a lot of tapes of child abuse and child pornography. One of the tapes is tagged “Nico”. On an HI 8 tape in an old TV screen, Nico watches a seven year old version of himself abused by his uncle Rudy. He stops posting on his social networks. As this happens Bruno visits Dr. Jimmy and both discuss Nico’s overreaching trauma: the event surrounding Uncle Rudy. Noa arrives preoccupied when he sees Nico is not posting on his social networks. He now knows there is no place for him in the relationship, as his place has not been occupied by Zoe. Nico returns to the city to confront his uncle Rudy. When he arrives Bruno and his bodyguards are already there. Bruno makes sure no one ever hurts his son again and sends his bodyguard Kuko to murder Rudy. Bruno embraces his new role as a father. Zoe notices that Ana’s polyamory behavior is caused by an unconscious desire to be a mother. We find out subtly throughout the film that Ana cannot conceive a child. Zoe offers to be the surrogate mother that Ana needs. Bruno sees the tapes for himself and the abuse perpetrated by Rudy. Bruno confronts Jimmy and asks him about the maker of the videos. Once Bruno finds out that Dr. Jimmy was involved. Bruno is one step ahead and realizes that everything was a plan created by Dr. Jimmy. All along, Dr. Jimmy wanted Bruno to find out so that he would get killed and in turn Dr. Jimmy’s daughter could receive the insurance money. We later find out that it is in fact Nico who stops Bruno from killing Dr. Jimmy. Nico comes up with a better revenge: exposed on social media. In such a way, Nico avoids having his father kill again and Dr. Jimmy gets a social death. Nico likes the idea of having a baby with Zoe and Ana. Nico gets a job in the company of one of Bruno’s friends. A big modern family will develop. Noa reappears and meets up with Nico. Nico finally opens the gift box. In the box is a small piece of paper where Noa confesses that all the bad things that have happened to Nico since they met were entirely caused by Noa. In fact, everything in Nico’s world is as a result of Noa’s decisions. To help Nico overcome, evolve and grow as a person Noa offers him the biggest gift of all in this small piece of paper: Noa confirms that neither Nico nor him exist, nor does Nico’s universe. Nico is a glitch in a simulation video game created and designed by Noa who is just an Avatar inside the game we call life....more